August Sowings

 Article August sowings

With this article, August sowings, we introduce a series of articles that aims to inform the reader about the possibility of seeding period.



Waning Moon

Outdoor SOWING, planting: beet, chicory of Treviso precoce, Middle-early and late, early autumn and fennel.

Outdoor SOWING, IN the NURSERY: Kale, cabbage, early autumn and winter cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, Endive, chicory Catalonia summer-autumn and summer-autumn, leek, Roman chicory of Castelfranco, of Verona, di Chioggia late Treviso precoce and Sugar Loaf, Escarole.

Crescent Moon

Outdoor SOWING, planting: beet, carrot, kohlrabi, kidney bean, radish, Arugula, parsley, dwarf French bean and zucchini.

Outdoor SOWING, IN the NURSERY: cauliflower.
Outdoor planting TRANSPLANTS: autumn and winter cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, summer, summer CAP and Roman indvia curly chicory, Laidlaw Chioggia, Escarole and celery.

August sowings