June Sowings

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Article June sowings

With this article, June sowings, we introduce a series of articles that aims to inform the reader about the possibility of seeding period.



Waning Moon

Outdoor SOWING, planting: balsamic vinegar, fennel, chard, lettuce.

Outdoor PLANTING, SEEDBED: cabbage (early autumn and late autumn-winter), Savoy cabbage, Endive, summer and Roman individ butterhead lettuce, chard, leeks, chicory of Chioggia, Escarole and celery.

Crescent Moon

Outdoor SOWING, planting: Basil, beet, carrot, bean, French bean, thistle, parsley, radish, Arugula and marrow.
Outdoor PLANTING, SEEDBED: cauliflower.

Outdoor planting TRANSPLANTS: Basil, beet, milk thistle, summer-autumn cabbage, Endive, lettuce, Endive, celery, bean, French bean, tomato, courgette, leek, and Escarole late celery.