Presentation Semitalia snc Terni

The Semitalia  snc, established in 1982, has always had as its main aim the production, packaging and marketing of vegetable seeds, flowers, herbs, grass and legumes, with its brands Semitalia  and Mirage.

The strong will to satisfy our customers, we took over the years, to add in Ns. activities, such as distributors or agents, several other Categories of products such as:

Professional precision Seed seeds, fruit plants, vases made of plastic and resin Moulds from Hobbies, professional, Manures, Soils and more recently world Pet products, foods and accessories dedicated to pets such as dogs, cats, rodents, birds.

Below we list specifically all products that make up the Ns. Job.

Green Line 

  • Vegetable seeds and flowers in bulk or packaged in “Semitalia and Mirage“.

(“Semitalia”, Vegetables Vegetable Envelopes Envelopes “Mirage” series “Hybrid”, envelopes, flowers and Herbs; Seeds of legumes (beans, broad beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils) in bulk or packaged; Ornamental grass seeds or bulk or packaged Grazing Lawn.)

  • Professional precision Hybrid seed Nurseries, Farms, etc., in collaboration with all the most qualified and well known international companies such as Clause, Seminis, Bejo, Vilmorin and others.
  • Dutch Flower bulbs, Cloves Garlic onions Dutch domestic or foreign seed, seed potatoes, Minituberi included.
  • Mushroom substrate in blocks.
  • Fruit trees, various trees, grapevines and olive trees in pots, Rooted vine grafts and cuttings from and table wine, Roses, flowering shrubs, vines for table grapes, asparagus and strawberry vines.
  • Soils from Universal Hobbies by price and quality, Professional compost, Soil and seed Soils specific to citrus, Flowers, Geraniums, succulents, orchids, Bonsai, peat, clay, bark and Compost Manure.
  • Pots plastic or resin; Balconiere fixed and adjustable iron; Articles for nurseries (cassette, alveoli, trim, plant pot, jars, etc.);

Pet Line

  • Kibble for dogs and cats, noodles with vegetables, dog biscuits, dog and cat Bites and Pate, puffed rice with vegetables, food for Birds, parrots (mixes, dough, cookies and stick), food for freshwater turtles, goldfish and tropical fish and freshwater, food for rodents, litter, cat litter and classic fragrant small rodents volatile, detergents and absorbent mats, litter, animal care and hygiene (pesticides, shampoo, conditioner, perfumes, deodorants and repellents), veterinary Pharmaceuticals of free sale (marked with P.P.O./P.M.C. ), Resin and wood dog houses, pet carriers for dogs and cats, pet apparel, cushions, leather Collars, nylon and metal, steel and plastic Bowls, accessories in General.

Thank you for attention to input and ensure that this presentation I did understand how we can help, we remain at your available for any clarification.

                             The Semitalia snc